Monday, November 17, 2008

The End of this semester

Today is my last paper of my final exam. I was so happy at the last second when I passed up the paper, not because I will get good result for that subject but indicate that I finished my final exam. Finally I can fully concentrate to blog. The below shows that the target that I hoped I already success in this semester:

a) Get dean list for this semester. (hopefully success already)
b) Maintain good relationship with friends.(do not know)
c) Maintain good relationship with girlfriend. ( do not know)
d) Learn how to swim. ( still in learning)
e) Come out a robot design for robocon. (fail)
f) Getting the first campaign of nuffnang. (success)
g) My dota team (Jungle) wins my course mates’ dota teams, KSON and ORB. (fail)

One more weeks I will go back to my hometown. I think I will blog about the famous things in my hometown à Muar. Hopefully you all still will support my blog.


Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

ar.. ur hometown at muar ar... that negarakuku home town.. hahhaha...

still think u from sabah..

blurgal said...

ganbate neh

The Faerykin said...

All the best in your exams!

PeminatJutawanMalaysia said...

good luck kids...better gain weight in healthier more complete protein it may help you in gaining muscle..and dont forget to workout...haha but dont eat much you may become "boroi" haha