Saturday, August 2, 2008

UMS Robocon

Today i wish to introduce my favourite club --->Robocon UMS.UMS bookfair is held on UMS dewan canselor and robocon ums has some shows at there. The above photo is shown some preparation of robocon ums in the Bookfair. Why only one person at there? This is because he is our favourite and lovely and even responsible robocon president. So he want to make sure everything is well-done.
This is one of our small part in our big big ums dewan canselor. Even 3000 or 4000 people can come together to our big big dewan canselor, there are enough place for them, do not worry.haha.

My friend explained what is meaning of robocon to them. If they are interested we will try to ask them to join our big family. From the photo we can see that he is looking at that girl maybe that girl is too pretty so he lost his concentration. Do you agree with me? And the guy at right hand side also see that girl ...........maybe he hopes that the girl can join the robocon.

This is our small "racing car " known as FOrmula One.

Wah this small kid control a big robot.He is so happy because he can play free "racing car". hehe. But this "racing car" is really expensive around RM 4000. The kid is so lucky .

Wah wah wah ...... !! The big robot can do the same thing as the the small robot. How can it do that? Maybe this is your question that you curious want to join. I still a small member in ums robocon so i still cannot answer this question . Maybe after few month i learn i can answer this question already.

Wah what is this ? so small robot but it is so clever. It can turn around without hit anythings.This is at UMS bookfair and UMS Robocon invited by UMS bookfair to do something at there. So my friend design this small robot to let everybody know what is the true meaning of robocon and give some idea of that !

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