Monday, August 4, 2008

Salut seafood restaurant

Salut Seafood Restaurant (located on the sea front about 30 kms from Kota Kinabalu ) 3 Mile Jalan Tuaran Telipok, P.O.Box 22788, Luyang 88450 Sabah, Malaysia Tel: +6088-301 300 The easiest direction would be from the roundabout just before reaching Nexus Resort, head toward Tuaran, when you come to another roundabout, that nine o'clock, go about 800m, you will see a signage to this restaurant on the left.(copy from
This is my first times my friends and i go to salut seafood restaurant to eat and enjoy after we already finish the exam. If you study in UMS you must go to try to eat at salut.Otherwise you will regret about it next times.

This is the price of the seafood in the salut. We take this photo because we want to go to eat at salut again next time.haha. After we take this photo we discover the the red shirt guy is looking at that girl. So do not be jealous when your girlfriend is looked by other guys in salut !! hehe.

This is the first dishes we eat at that day. The prawn is really very very very fresh, fresh until you cannot believe about it. But do not suck the prawn 's head because all the prawn is fed at the lake.So it is very smelling at its head.

These are some dishes that you cannot miss out when you go to salut seafood restaurant to eat.

I want strongly introduce this dish. This is special lokan that you cannot eat in other places.You only can eat at sabah. When this dish is coming , it has very nice smell and when you eat it , a lot of sweet water come out.i really cannot describe how delicious this dish are , please try it when you go to salut restaurant to eat.Oh my goodness. What they are doing ? They are fight to get the food. For this case who has long hand who will win. The left hand side guy has longer hand than the right hand side guy.He should thank for his parent.

This is my friend , his name is allan. He is acting cute now. haha.

He is very serious now just like the head of the gangster, i look at him i also very scare. Totally different with the previous photo.You like he act cute or act like gangster ?

He is so happy eating at salut seafood restaurant and he smile with his smaller eyes. He is looking so cute. Agree with me?You will have that type of feeling if you eat at there !

Wah , even the so big cabbage he also want to eat. Izzit he is look more handsome when he put the lokan as his earing ? haha.

After we finish to eat everything , the table look so dirty. We successfully eat around RM 350 at salut at very first times. Although it is quite expensive but we really very happy and enjoy.

Before we go back we take a photo for this trip. Everybody is looked so happy. WHich one is more handsome? Of course the guy who wear the black shirt , that is me.We must come to salut to eat if you come to sabah or you study at UMS. GOODBYE SALUT SEAFOOD RESTAURANT. WE WILL COME BACK AGAIN AFTER WE FINISH EXAM.


TNH said...

Ya...the food really taste good..not so expensive actually because they are all fresh...fresh!!!!still breathing before you cook.

Kyle said...

Went to eat seafood never told.. me.. Allan is treating all of you? Hehe i totally mess up by the direction you gave.. might suggest a map for reference?

sabahking said...

you ask allan fetch you go mah. easily !!! hehe !! this is photo is very very long long ago one !!

HuiHui said...


u should bring me ther nxt time when i go sabah!!!`