Sunday, August 11, 2013

Wang Lao Ji World Badminton Championships 2013

World Badminton Championships 2013 was held in Guangzhou this year, I was one of the fans of badminton. This year, i was watching the final match for World Badminton Championship. There are a lot of surprise for us as we understood that the badminton is no more monopoly by the powerful country - CHINA. As example, Our new women world badminton champion was gone to Ratchanok Intanon from Thailand who beat the 2012 Olympic Champion-Li Xue Rui with 22-20, 18-21 and 21-14. She showed us a fantastic games. She is only 18 years old  and is genius of badminton.

Another surprise was that Indonesia's Mohammad Ahsan/Hendra Setiawan who beat the Cai Yun/Fu Hai Feng in semi final and become the champion today after beat the Mathias Boe/Carsten Morgenson from Denmark without any stress from them. 

After that is the show from Tontowi Ahmad/Liliyana Natsir who beat the Xu Chen/Ma Ji in mixed doubles which almost give us the heart attack with the score of 21-13, 16-21 and 22-20. Say goodbye to Xu Chen/Ma Ji even they are playing in Guangzhou, China, the host of country.

The most awaiting games for everybody today was the match in men singles between Lee Chong Wei from Malaysia Vs Lin Dan from China. The first game the both players were seldom make the unforce error to give opponent marks.With the good performance of Lee Chong Wei, he won the first game with 21-16. The second game unfortunately the 5 marks, there are some mistakes done by linesman with the shuttlecock was out and they are pointing in to help Lin Dan. Lee Chong Wei lost his mood and confidence, hence lost the game to Lin Dan with the mark of 13-21. For the final game, we can observe that Lee Chong Wei is exhausted and almost cannot follow the step of Lin Dan, but he keep trying to prove that he is the best without giving up. Unfortunately at the end of the games he is clap and injured and lost to Lin Dan again. Although many people were saying he is acting to get some face but we know that he is doing the best already although he lost the game. 

The fantastic games showed by both genius players. Thanks to them to bring wonderful skills in badminton to entertain us.

Lin Dan was go to opponents court during Lee Chong Wei was injured. This game is no more to fight for World Championship but they are showing good sportsmanship to everybody.

Again Lee Chong Wei is near to Champion and is far to champion. A sad day for all the Malaysia people. 


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