Thursday, April 11, 2013

Restaurant Chun Hui (全妃亞參魚)

Restoran Chun Hui is famous amongst the local and outsider. Even Singaporean also drive here for the Hot and Sour Fish. This restaurant didn't do any special promotion but with just some good word from mouth to mouth the total of eateries are increase from time being. 

I discover this nice restaurant because my girlfriend, june june was working at Timo Parit Jamil there. Everytime i pass through this restaurant definitely it will crowded by many people. So i decided to take opportunity to try in this restaurant. 

I love this restaurant one of the reason is that it is ATAP house style. While having our lunch the wind is blow, you will never feel hot at here. This is one of nice feeling you cant have in other restaurant. 

Let talk about the food. Restoran Chun Hui uses only super fresh fish. The soupy gravy is truly spicy and sour. The reddish gravy is so nice and you sure were happily slurped it up! This is a MUST TRY dish.

Another type of cooking style for the fish. Very nice. 

 The sotong cook with petai, it is really very delicious that you cant find in other place. This is the MUST order dish if you come here to eat. I give high recommendation to this dish. 

I promise myself I will come here to eat again since it is very nice place.


Mackey Tan said...

Hey! How are you doing>?
Hehe, you read my msg from cbox already?
you are still blogging! haha, I am so happy ^^
I read your blog about 2-3 years back eh, I stop my blog it'ss big bang for sometimes now. Starting a new blog, :)
Do keep in touch man!!

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