Monday, March 11, 2013

Sulu Terrorist at Lahad Datu - Update

Here is some update for Sulu Terrorist at Lahad Data:

a) Students at Lahad Dati start to go back to study, however only 50% of their parents dare to send their children for schooling.

b) The Sulu citizen hate the Sulu Terrorist to bring the war to Sabah showing their loyaty to Malaysia.

c) The Sulu Terroris separate our policemen's body showing their cruel. Our chief of Army promise us his team will catch/kill every single Sulu Terrorist and will not let them to escape.

d) Our Army shoot on 13-15 young man while searching for the remaining Sulu Terrorist. Now is on the investigating who is this young man? Spy from Sulu Terrorist? Our Lahad Datu citizen?

e) The policemen caught 33 suspected Sulu Terrorist.

f) Yesterday night 2 police was injured while fighting with Sulu Terrorist

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