Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bantuan Rakyat Satu Malaysia (BR1M) - RM500

24 March 2012 is a very impotant day for Muar. This is because Muar citizen is having the chance to change their “letter” to money (RM500) and it was placed in High School Muar which is one of the best schools in Muar. Since it is “free money” from government and my parent did not want to apply it, for sure I will not let go the chance and at the end I also get “bantuan rakayat 1 malaysia”. Thanks to Barisan National and also Datuk Seri Najib.

By early morning at that day, I drive my motor to there. Without any surprise, there are a lot of motorcycle and cars already parking at there. What I was surprise that I think that not only poor people apply this but also a lot of rich man was applying “Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia” as well.

There are a few steps we had to follow before we take the money RM500. Anyway since RM500 is very much to me, I will just follow their steps. First we have to take our letter to change to RM500 baucers and take our queue numbers after that waiting for them to call our queue number to exchange the baucers into real money.

You can see that a lot of people are sitting here to wait their turns to change the baucers into money.

Don't worry... the organisor also prepare some mineral water and some "kuih" which is free to take. I think that it is really good things for this. They really do a good job.

When I was waiting, I have a look with the surrounding of High School Muar. I was surprised that our Timbalan Perdana Menteri Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin is one of the hero in the High School Muar. I only know that he lived in Muar but that day I only realized that he was studied in High School Muar.

Finally I have my RM500 Baucers. If you are not free, you also can take this money to in any CIMB and Maybank to exchange the money. Since I scared that maybe tomorrow BM will "runtuh" as we don't what will happen tomorrow, so the safest way is i wait at there and exchange the money.

Finally it is my turn been called to queue to exchange the money as photo below. Basically, Muar citizen is really good because all of the them are following the instruction given.

Another good things that organisors did is there is one express queue which is given to the very old people and people with disabilities. I really impressed with the organisors and they really did a thing from starting until now.

After that I was successfully exchange mo baucers to money. Anyway, I already separate this money into two and passed it to my parent since this money is purposely give to old people.

For my opinion, although my personally is not very agree that government give the money to citizen. I rather hope that they take the money go to develop Muar. For example, public transport at Muar since Muar is really weak with public transport. Second, maybe the money can be used to attract more people come to invest in Muar to create more jobs opportunity for muar citizen. At last, if really there is extra money only government give the money to Muar old citizen appreciate their contributions to Malaysia.

Anyway I think that government is really do a good job for this time even though maybe many of you will say that BM is giving money to attract people to vote for them. But for sure the benefit people is us ...........


JuneJune said...

Filial and good son.

sabahking said...

I always a good son lah !!