Wednesday, October 13, 2010

One day trip at Borneo Kellybays, Tuaran, Kota Kinabalu

Borneo Kellybays, the Borneo’s Mystical Paradise is located within a mangrove forest with a beach that stretches 8 km long overlooking the South China Sea and yet to be discovered by the local Sabahans. We are lucky enough to have the opportunity to experience life in the mangrove forest and river while at the same time enjoy the sea breeze and sun bath at the beach.

I have an unforgettable nice trip with my sweetheart, June June , my brother and my father. At that day, we reached Borneo Kellybays around 10.00am.

The boat is coming to fetch 4 of us.

Me and June June enjoyed sitting the boat.

The first activity of the day is throwing the cage to the river and to get some crabs. Borneo Kellybays is a place that have a lot of natural crabs.

KellyBays has a special Batik painting area where guests can experience and try out their artistic skills by coloring the wax painted scenery/picture batik cloth and bring home as a souvenir done by themselves.We enjoyed drawing the batik at here.

The next activity we joined is that blow pipes. Blow pipes is one of the famous activity in Borneo Kellybay. Me and June compete each other to see which people get the high points. At the end I am the WINNER. hee hee .....

Group activities are most popular at KellyBays. There are thrilling banana boat rides, water bicycle, beach volley ball, kayaks(sampan), body surfing, fishing, prawn catching, survivor games and even sand castles building which are appreciated by families. Due to its unique geographical and environmental location of facing both the river and the sea, visitors will be able to enjoy and appreciate the activities available, either sporty or relaxing at KellyBays. Be it at the river or the sea, you will have a totally enjoyable delightful time.However no much photos we can take because we are busy with our day.

At Kellybays, you even can enjoy like this (above). The wind is come across to you. What's a wonderful life...

The scenery of the surroundings Kellybays.

I am enjoying the lunch prepared by Kellybays.

One more photo of me with the beautiful beach.

Before going back we go take a look of the cages that we throw into river do trap the crabs or not? Unfortunately our luck is very bad that day, no crabs in the cages.Therefore, we do not have chili crabs for our dinner.
Goodbye Borneo Kellybays. We will come here again in the future.

Sweet memory with June June at Borneo Kellybays. I love You, June June.


Junecc said...

It was a nice place to be. Free from hassle city and surrounded by the nature.

Anonymous said...

I definitely want to read more soon. BTW, pretty nice design you have here, but how about changing it once in a few months?

TNH said...

How many time you go for the banana boat this time?