Sunday, May 2, 2010

My final year project - Digital Servo Motor

At 5 May 2010, I will graduate from UMS, Sabah. Not more sabahking for me... !! It will turning point for me !!! Before that I need to pass through the Viva presentation at 5 May, my final year project- Digital Servo Motor is going to show to all examiners. Throughout this semester I am very busy to design and fabricated all the things.

Picture above is shown that I am using Solid Work to design the servo motor.

Another pictures from different view for my servo motor.

After design the servo motor, the material that I used to fabricate my servo motor is PVC pipes. PVC pipes will change their shape under high temperature, therefore I can bend it to any shape that I want.

Another important point of my servo motor is that I am using timing belt rather to use complicated gear system to turn the motor,

Pictures above shown the completed servo motor that I done.After complete the sturucture Iam going to do hardware and software design for the servo motor. Please wait for my next post.... I will introduce about that........


Rublyee said...

all right! I will wait for the next post.

Sam Huang said...

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