Friday, December 11, 2009

Kundasang one day trip

Currently I was staying at Sabah home to do my final year project. I am fighting alone at here without my sweetheart - june june. Before that june june always help, console, and encourage me when I am doing anything. Every night before I sleep, there are a lot of sweet memory june june and me will pass through in my mind. One of unforgettable memory me and june was we have one day trip at Kundasang.

I still remember that day we are driving the car to Kundansang without the road to go there. This is one of the beautiful scenery at middle of the journey.

The first place we want to visit at Kundasang was Sabah Tea Garden. After driving around 2 hour from Kota Kinabalu, finally we reached Sabah Tea Garden, Nalapak, Ranau. Sabah Tea is the only organic tea farm in Borneo and one of the few in the world.

This is the place where you can purchase variety of tea from Malaysia include Sabah Tea. You even can enjoy to drink the Sabah Tea at here. Unfortunately, june june and I dislike to drink Sabah Tea, so we just have a look only.

This is another beautiful scenery loooking from the top to bottom. June june is too "fat" already, I almost want to die already. I love this photo very much, very very very natural.

After that we drive through around the garden, the smell from the sabah tea is terribly nice. The garden is surrounded with all Sabah Tea. This is the very first time me and june june visit this type of garden. So we really enjoy it very much.

After that we took a photo with the Sabah Tea signboard and we need to say "goodbye" to Sabah Tea Garden. The next destination we want to go is "Poring Hot Spring Recreational Area".

After driving for half an hour from Sabah Tea Garden, we reach the destination. This is the road to enter the poring hot spring. The fee to enter is just RM2 which is consider very cheap.

Along the road to the hot spring, you can hear a lot of sound from insects and even see beautiful scenery at here. Seem there is a lot of people at that day we didnt take much photo at here.

This is the place you wash yourself with hot spring. Although the place looked very dirty, but I do not care about it. I do enjoy very much at here.

The next destination we go to visit is Desa Milk Farm, Kundasang. Desa fresh milk can buy from any supermarket in Kota Kinabalu. This time june june and I really have the chance to see how the process to make the Desa fresh milk. The milk farm is not big but there’s lots of cow.

The cows are eating the grass at the field. They are in black and white which is alike to the New Zealand cow. The milk farm is open for visitors every day from 8a.m. to 5p.m. The entry fees is cheap which are RM3.00 for adult, RM2.00 for kids and student. If you want to see the process to make the milk, you will come on at 3pm at afternoon.

One of the great thing at here is the weather is very cool, the wind is very big. June june and I almost want to fly by the big wind that day. Another thing we see is the cow boy rush the cows into the farm for the purpose to produce the milk. However some of the cows does not follow the road, the the cow boy will hit them. There is very obvious that most of the cow are injured because of them.

The last place we pay a visit is Kundasand War Memorial. Established in 1962, this was one of the first memorials to commemorate the brave Australian and British Prisoners of War who died in Sandakan and during the infamous death marches to Ranau during World War II. The memorial also remembers the people of North Borneo who risked their lives to help the POWs. Sandakan
The Memorial is made up of four beautiful gardens - the Australian Garden, the English Garden, the Borneo Garden and the Contemplation Garden and Pool - to represent the different nationalities. With its towering pine trees and blooming roses, a walk in the gardens is reminiscent to that of a stroll in a quaint English garden. The scent of roses lingers in the air and the serene atmosphere makes the Kundasang War Memorial an ideal place to contemplate and remember the heroes of the war.

Handsome and pretty girl are here and say hello to everybody.

I love you, sunflower. I hope that one day I can buy the whole Kundasang and plant for sunflower and present to my sweetheart - june june.

The top to bottom scenery. You can see at here, the Kundasang citizen planted a lot of vegetables. You even can buy very very very cheap and fresh vegetables at here. Kundasang is really a heaven for Sabah.

Yeah yeah I am King of Sabah and known as sabah king.

So many flags at here. A wonderful place for everyone. If you come to Sabah, here is the heaven for you.

Goodbye ---> Kundasang !!! Hope I can do another honeymood with june june at here again.


theeggyolks said...

Why are you kissing the sunflower??LOL! I miss Kundasang too! I've been there few years ago while studying in UMS

Borneo Falcon said...

What a lovely couple

Junecc said...

you reminds me the sweet memory...thanks...

Bananazക said...

Sure this is Sabah? Look like in overseas haha. TQ

TNH said...

although Kundasan is small..but it seem like there still lots places in there that i haven visit..sigh..shame to say that i have been in Kota Kinabalu for almost 4 years..zzzz

Anonymous said...

i love sabah..beautiful and idyllic state :))

gadisBunga said...

you guys are sooo sweet.... :)

and i love sabah so much!