Saturday, June 20, 2009

sabahking want to be a CHEF

Nowadays I am training at sabah and I am living alone because because all my housemates go back to their hometown training already. As a result, I have nothing to do so I start to learn how to cook. Today I want to introduce to you all a dish of mine , I name it as "SABAHKING SUPER FRIED RICE" !!
Firstly, prepare all the ingredient for the fried dish. One egg, some "ikan bilis" and some cabbage !!
To cook the fried rice , we must have a the rice !!! and the rice will be put overnight so that the taste also rice will be better.

To have healthy meal for my dinner, I decided to fry this two fish as well.

I fry the fish now. So kolian 's fish , later i will eat both of you !! dun worry ... hehe.

After finish fry the fish, I will start to cook my fried rice. First, I will again fry the ikan bilis again. The ikan bilis must fry until crispy so that later you eat you will feel the sound and the salty. I like it too much....

After cook with cabbage ..... I like to eat cabbage so that I put a lot of cabbage. This is one of the advantge cook at home. You can cook what you like to eat.

Now put on the overnight rice .... and "kacau" with the cabbage and vegetables. Repeat "kacau" it around 5 minutes.

After that put the eggs inside... again "kacau" the rice.

You must kacau until every rice is in yellow colour so that it will be very delicious. After that you will notice that some of the rice start jumping at there. It shows your fried rice is almost done.

Finally finish to cook my dinner today. How you feel about my "sabahking super fried rice"? How many mark you give for this dish? Leave comments to me......


Lee Yee said...

impressed... I don't even know how to cook.

Hemsem Ahmike said...

lol I would give 10/10 Good Job:D

Borneo Falcon said...

I give 7/10.

sabahking said...

To : Lee Yee
then u must go to learn how to cook !! hehe... or u ask raymond cook for u loh

To : Ahmike
Thanks for the high mark !! but i feel my fried rice is better than i eat at mamak stall one

To: Borneo Falcon
Thanks for ur seven mark to me !! maybe next time i will cook better a bit !!

Justin said...

Next time can cook for me? :D 9.99/10

HuiHui said...

waloo eh

ur ikan look cacat 1.
no skin 1 ler.

i gv 100marks.
full marks is 1000.


Junecc said...

dar~what happened to your fishes? U peeled out their skin? Or the fishes stick to the wok? XD

BTW, I gave you 10/10 marks. :P

I don't even know how to cook a nice dish like that.

Good job~~Thumb ups for you.

yvonne said...

ditto hui hui.. lol

i think of smtg after saw ur fried rice.. haha

TNH said...

the fish really cacat...but still can get 20 mark..the other 80 mark wait you cook for me to try then i can decide..

Anonymous said...

haha good la you can cook..
i dont even think i can cook like you.. lol.. =D

LeNNoN said...

the rice can get 80%, the fish failed..., the plate also nice...haha...

peter said...

good job. need add some soy sauce