Saturday, June 6, 2009

Jolin Tsai - showcase at 1 borneo hypermall part 1

As previous post, I told you all that I will go to support for Jolin Tsai at 1borneo hypermall. I think Kota Kinabalu is a lucky place because Jolin only visit 2 places at Malaysia. One is Kota Kinabalu and the other is Kuala Lumpur. So I will not miss this chance to see how pretty is Jolin Tsai although I am not her fans. After I back from my job I straight head to 1 borneo hypermall to start to wait for Jolin Tsai.

First, we should thank for toto sport because it is one of sponsor for this showcase. We must always go to support for sport toto so more superstars have the chance to visit Malaysia.

You have the chance to get Jolin's autograph if you purchase her new album "flower butterfly". The album is not so expensive, RM50 with CD + DVD.

Before two hours the showcase started, there are a lot of people start to wait for Jolin Tsai. I also surprise for that. It means that I cannot get a good place to take Jolin Tsai's photos.

As a result, I hoped that in the future I can be one of guest who sit the chairs inside so that I not need to come early and stand outside.

You even can buy the flower to the Jolin. Unfortunately no much people buy the flower.

After throughout waiting and wating, I wondering why Jolin still not yet come. I started guess izzit she will absent for today? I start want to give up and back home because my legs start tired already.
So many people in 1 borneo ... !! So many people in front of me, how I take a good and clear Jolin's photos.
There are also many people at first and second floor. I am worry about them because I scared that they will be fell down once Jolin comes.

The showcase start at 7.30 pm. Now already 8.10pm but there is no people gives up to see for Jolin. We say that we must see Jolin today even though how late she comes.

Still no sien leh........

Finally Febbi from myFM comes out, I actually do not know what is the true name of this DJ because I seldom listen for radio. Iam so happy because once she comes out mean Jolin will be comes out soon and I can see how pretty Jolin is.

Before Jolin comes out, she request us to should for Jolin's name first. When she point to the which part, the people at there must shout for Jolin's name , otherwise Jolin will not come out. Although I feel that it is quite boring to do this type of things but I still shout out.......

Unfortunately the sound not enough big, so Jolin didnt come out but her junior , Rickman come out first. Frankly I do not know who he is.

Before listen to his music, he gives out a lot of gifts to those Jolin's fans when those people able answer one very very simple question. But only the people who sit the chair inside have the chance to win.
Izzit he is handsome ? For me I do not think so.

After that he plays game with the people. Again the people who sit the chair inside only have the chance to play the games with him.

Below is the video while he is playing the games.

I feel very funny ....... what about you? I do not know that is the people act not good or Rickman do not know how to guess

This is one of Rickman's song. I feel the music is not very nice !! What about you ?

Due to the post will be very long, so I decided to post the jolin with her photos and video in my next post.


Lee Yee said...

haha i m standing at the middle part...

aLvin said...

is Febbi from myFM

and Rickman not Raymond.
Raymond is Raymond Lam - Lam fong.

so bad... karen kong borned in labuan but never have any performances before there.
even pesta ang pao also run to umskk, but not umskal.

HuiHui said...

the dj is 菲比

teck liang listen more radio lar;

so good lar.
i chase gary u chase jolin

Haro Genki said...

Pretty babe! Jolin!! Was near my mall too, but didnt go.

Manji said...

wah..I see. Jolin came to Sabah, and I actually miss it. Sigh..

TNH said...

don drag...i want to see jolin...haha