Friday, May 29, 2009

KKIP Power Sdn Bhd 's Party

This week is my third week training at KKIP Power Sdn Bhd. I am so lucky and happy that can participate the party organise by KKIP Power Sdn Bhd. Every year KKIP Power Sdn Bhd will organise at least two party or some competitions for their workers to encourage them and let them to communicate with each other from different department. Today I have the chance to join them to go the party.

We are taking the photo before we enter the party.

My good friend at KKIP Power Sdn Bhd, his name is Herman. He is a bumiputra at sabah. I like chat with him when we are free.

Izzit he looks handsome? The workers at KKIP Power like to call him as "Playboy at Kota Kinabalu"! Am I a cool man? We want to enter the party already.

This is my training supervisor, IR Kenny Lok. IR mean professional engineer. He seldom teaches me anything and he is always serious !! So everybody is very scared him include me also.

The people on the left hand side of the photo is Mr Lawrence Fong. He is one of the people who teaches me in KKIP Power Sdn Bhd. Thank a lot to him.

Another of my good friend at KKIP Power, Amran. He is one of the people that always jokes with me and tells me a lot of gossip in KKIP Power.

He is wearing my spectacles. I like to call him as "IR Amran" !! Do you find that he looks like IR Kenny ?
The pretty girls at KKIP Power. Unfortunately I not dare to take their photos one by one.

All the big big boss attend the party.Hopefully one day I can be as rich as them.

Our gang in the KKIP Power. We enjoy the party very much.

So many tiger beers on the table. I am not good in drinking beer but I must learn how to drink.

I almost drunk liao. My face starts to be red red.

My friends, Bainon and Chee Kiong.

After the party, we can even "tapao" the things for their family.

Thanks for KKIP Power Sdn Bhd to organise such a good party for their workers. I hope this type of party will continuously organise year by year.

This post I purposely writting for my dear, june june. I want let her know everthing that I happen in KKIP Power Sdn Bhd during my training.


alien said...

such a big company u practical la wei..

Hemsem Ahmike said...

This is an ideal company to work with, can feel no stress in term of communication. :) So enjoy the internship :D

ruby said...

haha dun dare to take pict. is scare kena scold again le hahaha...

HuiHui said...

waloo wei

ur face so red.

so many beer.malay can drink meh

TNH said...

not bad..still got party..the place i do practical mostly old ppl..boring

Borneo Falcon said...

Wow! A lot of Tiger Beer. Wonder whether those are imitation or smuggled products

June June said... getting darker n darker day by day. you know what will I said next right?

Seem like you got a good intern company. there is a small party for you. it's sound good. so, do enjoy your intern and get all the experience them. I'm sure you will experience the working likfe and ppl around there.

Anyway, don't drink so much beer. I'm sure you can get drunk very easily and body will get reddish. So, do take care yourself there.

Thanks for the post my dear.

Josephine said...

wah, wife giving warnings liow!
u 2 are such a cute couple!
I miss my early pak toh days...

Anonymous said...

hey.. im doing my 3rd yr studies now in electrical power engineering.. soon, i hv to do my pratical.. im a sabahan girl... is it nice to do practical at KKIP power?? was the practical easy or hard??? i hope u can tell me a bit bout KKIP power...thanx.. btw, i hope u dun mind i didn't introduce myself.. for my personal purposes.. sorry bout this...