Thursday, December 4, 2008

Some simple dishes in Muar

This is a special bread. When put some curry to the bread, it will become a super delicious bread.
Another simple dish: vegetables and eggs.

The fish is really delicious but it tasted a bit sour. i love it so much.

This dish is suitable for children. Every family come to this restaurant will order this dish for their children.

This is a very expensive dish. I am so happy because have the chance to try it.


blurgal said...

home style cuisine...i miss my mummy so much...anyway, when u wanna bring muar to taste muar's food?

Anonymous said...

eat about this? sieat about this? siao ar luao ar lu

HuiHui said...


whic restoran?

TNH said...

what is the ingredient for that super expensive dish???

Anonymous said...

that one is yi ping wa la..... never eat before mer? haiz.. got mushroom, taukee, vegetable, sea cucumber and lots of other shit la..

Kyle said...

Atleast gives names.. or else how to order.. ahaha

Racheal Tan said...

yum yum...nice. slurpsss...made me hungry now :))