Monday, December 22, 2008

A powerful magic VS A simple magic

Magics is done by a real magician (Darren Lee)

Darren Lee is a real magician, he does a lot of performances in many events. His magic skills are excellent until we really cannot use our eyes go to see and use our brains go to think. I do not know how powerful he is ? After we see his magics, the words come out from our brains is "why and why", how can he does it? Only he able to tell us the answer......

Magics is done by my friend (Mohd Elias)

Magic - video powered by Metacafe

Mohd Elias is my coursemate + good friend. He starts to learn the magics and we are always his suppoters and he always performs the magics to us. He always tries to think a new magics for us until he always forgets to study for the exam. As his slogan "i was born to perform", maybe one he will success to be a real magician and perform his magics to all of the people in the world.

Above are the two magics videos of a real magician and my friend. Which one you prefer? I like my friend's magic because it is simple and fun for me.


tipsgoda said...

hey,im a magician myself..and yea, we are the type of people who like to perform and entertain people..sometimes we forgot to do other stuff..
i like your friend magic

June June said...

i love magic but my magic skill super poor...haiz.....

Teddy said...


its not magic.. haha.. just a trick...

the famous hongkong card master is often on Jacky Wu's entertainment programme.. n he already showed how all those are done..

u just need to be fast with ur hands so that ppl cant c that u already knew where u placed the cars before hand.. hehe..

nonetheless, it is still nice to c those tricks.. heheh

TNH said...

The flying card trick...i think Elias also can do that..just almost the same like the flying money trick he show me..

sabahking said...

To: tisgoda
Surprise that ur also a magician... hope that can see more magic video in ur blog

To: june june
work it out.. jia you

To: Teddy
It is really a great magician... but i still admire those trick because they really pratise a lot and their hand super fast.

But the card performed Darren is really powerful.. unbelieveable