Thursday, December 25, 2008

My friend's simple trick

Here is another simple trick performed by my good friend + coursemate. It is so fun for everyone including me. Hopefully you will enjoy watching this video !!

Do you able to guess how he does that? Please leave comment to me.....


Jason Law said...

Thank you for voting it ^^~ Weird..why is it so slow for me ><"..Must be connection problem

Btw,that trick is nice ~ Hahaha...can you perform it?

Philip Foon Weng Lian said...

cool trick!!

Geli Tifa said...

Nice... He bought magic cards I suppose? or hv 2 of the same card in the deck... ;)

xodom said...

I know this trick. Actually if you guys notice, he actually almost fumbled for a while there. And besides he didn't shuffle much so quite easy to identify the trick.

He prepares a deck + one extra card, in this case the 2.

From the deck:

King (second)
Two (third)

So firstly, he puts the first 2 in the person's hand. Okay, so then he takes out two cards one behind the other from the deck, which are already prepared, and makes it seem like there is only one card.

So when he removes it the two is showing, but the king isn't.

He puts back both cards, then removes a card from the deck, this time only one. So he leaves the two on the deck and removes the card on top, which is the King.

He then rubs it, seemingly switching it, and voila! Your magic trick.

I do magic myself too so yeah. xD

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IkanStim said...

that was nice! haha
cool trick!

June June said...

nice magic trick.u learn from him the magic trick then show to us la..haha

sabahking said...

To : Jason
maybe my blog get a lot of things to load. I delete some already hope u can fast in the future.

To: Philip
Ya it is also a cool trick for me

To: Geli Tifa
It is not a magic i think and if u put the same card how he know what the card u will draw out?

To : xodom
I think what u say should be correct. I will go to ask my friend about the trick.

To : june june
If i can do it , i will perform loh. But very hard to learn , the hand need to be very fast.

TNH said...

i think i know how he do it seem all his trick come from the same theory..but need lots of practise to perform..