Sunday, July 27, 2008

Who will to be the badminton player win the golden in coming Olympic games?

Who will to be the badminton player to hold this golden ?
Lee Chong Wei, Lin Dan, or Taufik Hidayat?

We know that there are more 12 days is our Beijing Oylimpic 2008 , What I am interested is who will to be golden winner of the Badminton single in Beijing Oylimpic. There are few player that I think they have more probability to win in Beijing Oylimpic.

The first one is my favourite badminton player Lee Chong Wei, from Malaysia. He is know as “Malaysia number One” and “Harimau Malaysia”. He is currently ranked 2 in the world.

Advantage :
a) He is still young. A lot of energy to play with other players.
b) He has girlfriend. He want show off something with his girlfriend and will try
his best to play until the end.
c) Good condition, skillful in front of net, drops the shuttle, and expect in defensing.

a) Cannot stand with pressure. Media have promoted him as hot player to win
golden in Beijing Olympic 2008.
b) He has a lot of emotion. This is always influence his condition when playing
badminton in court.
c) Poor physiology and strategic. He will lose confidence when other players win
him many marks. Malaysia Number One "Lee Chong Wei" , I hope he will to be
winner of Beijing Olympic 2008.

The second one is china favourite player-Lin Dan. He is known as “super Dan” at the world. He is Currently rank number 1 in the world.
a) Quick in attacking. Do not give chance to other player
b) Now he is in top performance.
c) He has a pretty girlfriend that goes together with her. He will work hard with Xie
Xing fang. Love can give big power!
d) China is a home of Olympic. The judges maybe will help china a little bit.

a) He is easy to get angry.
b) He has a lot of emotion and he gets a lot of pressure from media.
c) He lost in the first round in Athens Olympic 2004.He scares to lose again so he
cannot perform well.

This is China "Super Dan" -->Lin Dan. I dislike him because he is
too arrogant.

The third one is Indonesia player-Taufik Hidayat. He is currently rank number 7.
a) He has not much pressure because he is not the hot player.
b) He is previous golden holder for Athens Olympic 2004.He has a lot of experience
playing in Olympic.
c) He knows how to control his emotional.
d) This is the last chance he plays for Olympic so he will try his best.

a) He is old now so cannot fight with Lin Dan or Lee Chong Wei. Because he cannot
follow their speed.
b) He lost his killing face and many players do not scare him again.

Taufik Hidayat the previous golden holder for Athen Olympic 2004.

I do not write about China's Chen Jin and Bao Chun Lai because i think they just accompany Lin Dan play in Olympic. So he will not to be killer to other player.I also do not think about Peter Gade and Kenneth Jonassen will to be golden holder because they are too old so is better stay at Denmark.Haha, just joking.

I really hope Lee Chong Wei will win the golden in this coming Olympic. Please support for Lee Chong Wei.Thank you very much.

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OrB-LeN said...

Ahem, I definitely support Lee Chong Wei...We all Malaysians bah. But if I m to bet, I'll put my bet on Lin Dan...Lin Dan has home advantage wo...Taufik?No chance...Just go there take part and go back Indonesia empty-handed...That's my odd!